My house was on fire. Last night, I was in the house I grew up in on Cassamia Place in Charlotte. I snuck out of the house to go to a party at my neighbor’s (my neighbor in Dallas but for some reason he lived down the street from me). So, I drove to go […]

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Dream Analysis 6/28/19

In my previous post I had some questions about my dreams and I decided to do a little research to explore some explanations: Why do certain people end up in dreams even if you have not thought about them? what does it mean to dream about a specific friend? Answer: there are tons of reasons […]

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A Short Analysis

My dreams frequently incorporate the events from the day before. For example, I dreamed that I was driving my mom to the airport when, the day before, I picked my mom up from the airport. I dreamed that I was disputing a claim that I damaged hotel property when, the day before, I was listening […]

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