Written some years ago: Everyone has their “shit.” There is no way to fully understand another person’s shit because YOU ARE NOT THEM. And no one can fully understand your shit because they do not share your brain. I made the mistake, many times throughout my life, of judging other peoples’ shit and comparing their […]

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gentler times

I haven’t remembered many of my dreams lately so I thought I’d share a sweet story instead: Quite possibly one of my favorite memories from living in Uptown Dallas; down the street from hoodlum-riddled clubs where pretentious, tipsy youths wandered about aimlessly, was Reverchon Park; just behind my apartment. When I adopted Puff in 2018, […]

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Early Thursday morning, just past the Devil’s hour, I woke up from the creepiest fucking dream I’ve had in a while… Dream heavily resembles COVID vibes with governmental tension sprinkled throughout the storyline. I was basically stuck in a government facility while the US was trying to locate this Russian terrorist and stop him from […]

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Last night in my dream, my entire family (mom, dad, sister, brother, and sister-in-law) attended a high school graduation-like ceremony where Tina Fey and Amy Pohler were hosting… When Tina Fey walked in, someone asked me who she was and I said “oh that’s Liz Lemon” (her 30 Rock character) and she turned around and […]

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This dream, like most, made perfect sense in my mind but when recalling all of the details, I realize the order of events makes absolutely no sense so I will try to piece it together as cohesively as possible… So, last night in my dream, my roommate (Han) had friends over to the apartment. In […]

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Over the course of several dreams I jumped from the beach to a secluded island to a plane… and it went a little something like this: I was at the beach with my mom and I think we were somewhere in California, but from the coast you could see Positano. Across the ocean, there it […]

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6/22/2020: POSTY

Last night I had THE MOST VIVID sex dream about Post Malone and it went a little something like this: I was in some place resembling Lake Tahoe when Post Malone asked me back to his cabin. He was performing at the resort or hotel we were staying. I went down to his cabin/hotel room/villa […]

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Last night in my dream, which consisted of two parts, I had two dogs. Puff (real life dog) is white and this other dog was small, soft, and black. In the dream, I was walking both dogs and Puff ran off down the street in the neighborhood I was walking around and the other dog […]

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6/1/2020: tension & the queen

Last night I had a dream that my ex-boyfriend’s mom was the Queen of England. For some unknown reason, my ex and I decided to get back together, so I went to visit his family at there summer home in the mountains… When I arrived, tensions were still high from the last time I broke […]

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Last night in my dream I ventured to my old office to try and retrieve the rest of my belongings from my desk. (in real life the office has been closed for months because of COVID-19). So I coordinated with our office admin to meet her before the office opened to grab everything. However, on […]

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