Early Thursday morning, just past the Devil’s hour, I woke up from the creepiest fucking dream I’ve had in a while…

Dream heavily resembles COVID vibes with governmental tension sprinkled throughout the storyline. I was basically stuck in a government facility while the US was trying to locate this Russian terrorist and stop him from blowing himself up. He had some kind of tracker inside of his body that would detonate once he completed his mission. For some reason, I was abducted, along with five or six other Americans, to participate in this US government funded “tracker trial.” We were all stuck inside glass tubes, but once inside the facility, the tubes released us and we were stuck inside one big room with floor to ceiling bulletproof glass windows.

Every time I tried to escape, the facility turned into a FUCKING CAVERN and I could not climb past this one extremely claustrophobic path and I was forced to turn back.

In the end, the terrorist completed his mission and blew himself up. At this point, the government launched us into space to different planets to be trackers for the US. I was launched to a far away planet and turned into some kind of baseball/pokemon trading card. I was aware and conscious of my surroundings, but all the while– trapped in a two dimensional playing card.

I was unable to fall back asleep that night…

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