This dream, like most, made perfect sense in my mind but when recalling all of the details, I realize the order of events makes absolutely no sense so I will try to piece it together as cohesively as possible…

So, last night in my dream, my roommate (Han) had friends over to the apartment. In my dream, our apartment was much different… it was bigger, for one, and the lighting was darker, it was more of a cave-like basement space with dim twinkle lights strung about and tapestries placed sporadically throughout. Strangely enough, Han’s friends (whom I had never met) came over unannounced and Han was nowhere to be found. I was drunk, sitting at the kitchen island on my phone. As I tried to stand and ask them to leave, my phone clashed to the ground. For some reason, it fell with such force that the glass screen shattered into a million microscopic pieces; or so I thought.

I immediately told them not to move so I could get a broom and clean it up. I began cleaning but clearly, my dream mind forgot how to do it. I was soon picking up pieces with my hands, brushing the teeny shards into a paper towel. They did not listen to me and instead, tramped around the apartment before I finally yelled at them to leave. I was so drunk that I was being a total bitch and insulting each of them before they left. Now, alone with glass everywhere, I looked out the front door only to see a wolf staring back at me… Puff leaped from the couch to confront the wolf but I was NOT about to let that happen. I ran to close and lock the door to stop the wolf, but it was too late. He was busting through the glass door with such force, I woke up from my dream with a yelp.

As soon as I awoke, I drifted back into the dream…

Upon entering my dream state and whimsically different apartment, Han was returning from a trip out of state, I was unaware that she was returning, so I was surprised to see her when she walked in and before I knew it, Han’s friends rushed back into the apartment; twice as many as before. I was still removing glass from the floor but could not stop her friends from taking over every empty space in the room. I soon became flustered and belligerently drunk (must’ve been some kind of shampoo effect). I quickly lost interest in the glass and joined the party, but I failed to notice that two good sized glass shards were lodged in my thumb, pointer finger, and the palm of my left hand. As the party raged on, I noticed the piece in my palm, I began slowly removing it and realized, this was serious, I would need at least three stitches. I pulled the entire chunk out of my hand and, immediately, blood gushed down my arm. It was a bloody mess. I threw my hand under the sink faucet and looked for anything to stop the bleeding. One of Han’s friends came over to assist me, but was absolutely no help; completely worthless. I reached for a towel and wrapped it around my hand, but I mistakenly grabbing the only one of sentimental value; a one-of-a-kind “Charlotte” hand towel from my mom. Pissed, drunk, and losing blood, I was not a happy camper.

At this point, I realized I still had glass in two of my fingers. Because I was drunk, I managed to ignore it (not smart) and try to distract myself with the party unfolding in my home. Next, the party transformed and I realized it was New Year’s Eve. Hannah decorated the apartment with hanging lights, balloons, streamers, sparkles, the whole shebang. The party went on and eventually, I realized my negativity from before and began profusely apologizing to people. At one point, Han’s friend walked in with Han holding THE BIGGEST CASE OF ARTISAN DESSERTS I HAVE EVER SEEN. I was in heaven, this was literally the most beautiful arrangement of chocolate eclairs, mousse, tiramisu, cakes, cookies, croissants, and cupcakes imaginable. Then another friend took to cleaning/mopping our floors so he could slide giant skittles across the clean hard wood floor for the guests to snatch up and enjoy. I was okay with it because they were skittles and not chocolate so if Puff happened to eat one, he wouldn’t die (dream logic…)

In another scene, there were at least three TV’s in the apartment, all set to different channels or video games… I really didn’t know what was going on and one of Han’s friends, a teeny little tomboy, kept playing under the couch and emerging occasionally with one of my old, lost licenses… in all, she appeared with three. How I lost all of these ID’s I have no idea.

The dream carried on and more and more strangeness floated about. But in this moment, I remembered my bloody hand. I fell to my knees clutching my gashed wounds unaware that someone was now standing over me. I looked up, startled, when the shadowy figure (he has a deformed face for some reason) said “I’m Stephen” (I am not positive he said his name was Stephen, but that’s what I have in my mind). He removed the glass shards from my fingers and somehow got me to the hospital for stitches before I passed out drunk. When I woke up (in my dream) I was back in my apartment, party still raging away, with a messed up, poorly stitched together, and still bloody hand.

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