Over the course of several dreams I jumped from the beach to a secluded island to a plane… and it went a little something like this:

I was at the beach with my mom and I think we were somewhere in California, but from the coast you could see Positano. Across the ocean, there it was, beautiful and bright. So, my mom and I were walking down the coast. Only, in my dream walking down the coast meant walking off the edge of the Earth. The world curved and dipped, like rolling hills. I guess a better way to explain would be to say that the beach and the ocean was more like mountains of water and we could walk down the beach the same as you would walk down a hill.

Now, while my mom and I walk down the beach/mountain to the water, we come across this adorable little outdoor boutique. I was trying on glasses and rings when my neighbor and one of my mom’s best friends walked up! She was on vacation with her family. They were on a cruise when they stopped at the island to explore. We chatted and then their guide boat arrived to take them back to the cruise ship. However, the boat was about ten yards out in the water and my neighbor did NOT want to get wet and she refused to wade in the water to get to the boat. The boat ended up leaving her and she was forced to run up and down the beach trying to get it to come back… at this point, my dream began to morph into a new scene.

As if I was magically transported into a different world, I was now in a cloud/mountain/ocean land, similar to the previous dream, but this time I was alone. I don’t exactly remember what happened in this scene, but I could feel the mood changing and everything turned ominous. I couldn’t see any danger, but I could sense it. And before I knew it, I was on a plane.

One of my ex coworkers was also on the plane with me, he was a few rows in front of me. A stranger sitting next to my ex coworker suddenly pulled out this teeny pistol and began threatening the cabin that he was going to shoot us. At this point, my ex coworker pulls a gun! now these two guys are going back and forth about shooting each other and the crazy pistol guy shoots himself. He did not die and I could not see any blood, but I saw him pull the trigger.

Suddenly, a man sitting a couple rows back, stands. He is in uniform with a bullet proof vest on. He has a gun but does not reach for it. He is a soldier, I don’t know what branch but for some reason I think he’s in the army. He begins to approach the crazy guys and tries to talk them down. He is deescalating the situation when, out of nowhere, pistol man shoots the soldier. Jokes on him though because the soldier has a bullet proof vest! The soldier is not man but at this point, he draws his gun. The pistol guy and my ex coworker are not hysterical and belligerently throwing their guns in the air and waving them around. They point there guns at the soldier which leaves him no choice, he shoots them both dead.

The plane applauds the soldier for his heroic actions. He is humble and stoic.


I frequently mention that my dreams are almost always a direct response to something that happened to me the day before. In this case, I believe my dream about the soldier was a response to my current feelings about police. With everything going on in the US with BLM and police brutality, I have been thinking a lot about the army and about soldiers and firemen (not sure those are related, it’s just info.) I have anger towards police and I have appreciation for those who stand and serve to protect, which, in my opinion are soldiers and firemen.

This is just my interpretation and thoughts on my dream so I figured I would include it.

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