6/22/2020: POSTY

Last night I had THE MOST VIVID sex dream about Post Malone and it went a little something like this:

I was in some place resembling Lake Tahoe when Post Malone asked me back to his cabin. He was performing at the resort or hotel we were staying. I went down to his cabin/hotel room/villa thing which was just two rooms with his manager, who was at least 70. His manager went to sleep so Post and I started hooking up on the pullout mattress/bed in the main room.

Still clothed, I was straddling him and said “oh my god you’re so hard” I spoke to soon. When he pulled out his dick, I almost laughed, it was the smallest penis I have ever seen. Within seconds, he came. His penis was nowhere near my vagina, in fact I was still fully dressed! I asked him “can you get hard again?” and he said “no, this happens a lot.” Mildly disappointed, I looked over to find a table full of sex toys! Goody! I asked if we could use them and he said yeah but first he wanted to finger me.

Now, while this boy came faster than the Indy 500 he knew where my clit was and oh baby did he know what to do with his hands. In my dream, I had the biggest orgasm and we didn’t even have sex!

I woke up wet, horny, and there was dried drool on my face. For once in my life, I didn’t wake up in a cold, panicked sweat; I woke up completely satisfied.

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