Last night in my dream, which consisted of two parts, I had two dogs. Puff (real life dog) is white and this other dog was small, soft, and black. In the dream, I was walking both dogs and Puff ran off down the street in the neighborhood I was walking around and the other dog (who I called Ketchup) was well-behaved and stayed by my side. A random man/neighbor came outside to help me capture Puff and asked me about the other dog. I told the man my dog’s name was Ketchup, even though that was wrong. Actually, I didn’t even know my dog’s name (the dog tag said it was Kona) and I was basically ignoring Ketchup and frantically running after Puff. (Poor Ketchup/Kona).

When I finally secured the Puffin and had things, relatively, under control, I walked back to a random house where I had previously made a pillow fort outside on the front steps and watched some race or sporting event on TV (outside, in the front lawn). This was not my house and when I returned, the family who lived there stopped me. I apologized for intruding and asked if I could finish my show and then leave. The head of the house (an ANCIENT looking old lady) said I was not welcome and I needed to leave immediately.

I did leave and soon emerged in a new dream. I was in my house (which, in dreamworld was a house I had never seen before but knew it was my house) with my sister. My mom was there and she was yelling at us to trap this MASSIVE insect thing. It was gross, like a giant, slimy centipede. It was suctioned to the ceiling and I wanted no part in this creature’s demise.

My sister ended up capturing it before proceeding to cook it. Bake it, rather, with puff pastry and butter. She was going to use it as some kind of skin care regimen… gross. I was mortified and kept telling her I thought it was disgusting so she tried chasing me around the house with it.

Disturbing to say the least.

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