6/1/2020: tension & the queen

Last night I had a dream that my ex-boyfriend’s mom was the Queen of England.

For some unknown reason, my ex and I decided to get back together, so I went to visit his family at there summer home in the mountains… When I arrived, tensions were still high from the last time I broke his heart but we were madly in love, nonetheless.

I was excited to start fresh with his family and that all began with the Queen. The morning of my arrival, the Queen was sitting outside on the veranda overlooking a beautiful mountain landscape eating a traditional English breakfast whipped up by one of the house chefs. I approached with caution and bowed generously to show my respect. She was cordial and accepted my hello. From there, the family set out to go skiing before a big football game followed by one of their famous steak dinners.

Before the festivities commenced, however, my ex and I snuck away to his room to get it on; after all we hadn’t been together in years. Our moment was short-lived when his sister interrupted to inform us that it was time to depart.

At this exact moment, the dream took a turn. As we tried to leave the mansion, all of the animals (cats and dogs, Puff was there too) escaped and ran wild all over the property. Something was off, the weather instantly grew to a horrifying grey and purple as clouds rolled in from every direction and dumped snow and ice from the sky like a magnificent waterfall. We forged on, loading our bodies into the black SUV in the garage, attempting to outrun the storm. Once inside the car (and apparently leaving the animals to fend for themselves) we sped off the property, down, down, down the winding mountain and into civilization.

Only, “civilization” was nowhere to be found. The sky, newly black, created a aura of hopelessness over the mountain town. We pulled up to the football field (the only area with light, illuminated by stadium lights) only to find it overrun with protestors, rioters, terrorists, and aliens (foreign people, not space aliens). We tried to leave but, out of nowhere, standstill traffic surrounded us, along with snow and ice.

Safe in the car, we managed to escape back to the property and far away from the violence. We sat down for our scheduled steak dinner and discussed the previous events. We all decided that because the violence was so intense where we were, there would be no hope for the playoff football game in England… (my ex previously invited me to go with his family on their trip to see the NFL playoffs in England…?) and that it would now have to take place in China.

At this point I was on my second or third steak and my ex’s dad was offering to make me an Irish coffee ice cream float, which I happily accepted. I was excited to venture out of the conflict ridden country I called my home and with the Queen of England, nonetheless.

I called my mom to ask if I could go and to my surprise she was already planning on going herself! Yay, mother-daughter trip to China!

I woke up soon after with an intense hunger for ice cream and steak.

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