Last night in my dream I ventured to my old office to try and retrieve the rest of my belongings from my desk. (in real life the office has been closed for months because of COVID-19). So I coordinated with our office admin to meet her before the office opened to grab everything. However, on my way there I roller skated in my pajamas (as one does) and managed to make it in before everyone else arrived but when I tried to leave, I ran into a roadblock.

A graduation ceremony began downtown, right outside of the office, so it was basically impossible to leave. On top of that, all of my stuff was thrown away and coworkers kept stopping me and I ended up in the basement of my old work building, which then turned into a giant swimming pool. I tried every door in the building to get to the parking garage to find my car (even though I was on roller skates) and at one point I ended up outside but the graduation ceremony was EVERYWHERE, there was no escape. I made it back inside the building and found a hallway that was lined with hospital beds and ventilators… and then led to an airplane but the only way in the airplane was through a TEENY TINY hole and the plane was jam-packed with people. I was not about to expose myself to that madness.

At some point, after wandering hopelessly around the hallways of this building, my dream melted into phase two: underwater space football.

Out of nowhere, I was suddenly in outer space on top of the Earth, like I was standing on top of the atmosphere, not inside of it. The Earth was composed of highways and GIANT watering holes where teams of people were playing… football? or soccer? Some sport with a ball and teams. I was trying to get to the field/pool to join my team but I was driving on the highways with my mom in the teeny car (it was like a VW Tiguan but cut in half. The map was also on the road and showed every route possible so I kept taking the wrong highway exit and getting even more lost than I could imagine.

I was stressed out to say the least and the football (soccer?) game was about to begin. I somehow made it to the field and when I got out of the car my feet were in horrible, excruciating pain from being cramped in the teeny half-car.

While I’m not sure what happened with the football game, I believe the dream ended with me on a different planet trying to complete some top secret mission; which I am sure I failed.

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