Last night I had an unreal montage of dreams ranging from post-job loss stress scenarios to implausible college gatherings to familial drama.

In no specific order:

I was attending a college orientation somewhere on the west coast, either Arizona or… Montana, with my mom and family friends, in real life I went to college with the son. After sitting through several long seminars, we exited the ballroom with the rest of the freshman class (I presume) and headed across a bridge-type structure which replicated a giant Sea World ocean tunnel; except this was real. On the coast of Arizona or Montana (which is completely possible in dream world) was an oasis of ocean that stretched out for miles in every direction – above, below, right and left. 360 degrees of oceanic life surrounded the bridge. It was mystifying and magical, extreme beauty captured on a bottomless scale. All around me, sharks, dolphins, schools of fish, and unimaginable sea creatures glided around me, I was entranced by the illusion.

Predictably, the bridge seamlessly morphed into a ramp – like at a football stadium, one that leads from the top levels to the ground, snaking back and fourth with no end in sight. Our group (from orientation) continued down the ramp, still surrounded by ocean life, when several confusing situations collided (in my dream, they seemed to happen all at once) they are as follows (again, not in order):

  • We stopped to take a picture in front of a backdrop commemorating the orientation
  • I tried to hook up with my family friend (who, in my dream, had a girlfriend) and he was fairly receptive, but our moms were there so we couldn’t do anything explicit
  • I was in a car with my family friend, his girlfriend, and another girl… (can’t figure out who she is/was) and my family friend, who was driving, kept touching the other girl while his girlfriend was asleep next to him. Then he started holding my hand under the steering wheel as we drove down the endless ramp surrounded by a collapsing ocean –
    • At some point, a storm came through and started destroying the ocean around us. People were jumping off the sides of the ramp while sharks and fish flew through the air, out of control slamming into everything and everyone. I was terrified that I would have to jump off the ramp into the shark infested water and swim for my life to a nonexistent shore. Panic and anxiety shook my bones to my core for the remainder of the dream.
  • At one point, we made it off the ramp and into a hotel room. I was with the family friend, his brother, and his girlfriend. At this point I was with the family friend, but his brother was trying to steal me from him (and succeeding – he was way hotter). An argument unfolded and I think things got physical, I cannot be sure because as soon as it began, it ended and I entered a different dream:

Transition to my life after losing my job but the pandemic is over and we are all able to return to work. Even though I was unemployed, I still needed to get to work on time. I did not, I overslept and headed to work sometime after lunch. When I left my apartment, I was driving alone, but at some point my dog showed up and now he was on this mission with me… The dream continued in a series of flash moments, switching from me at work to me trying to save my dog…

At work: I couldn’t find anywhere to park and had to drive around the block several times and end up walking a few blocks to the office. Upon arrival, I walked in and sat at a cafeteria style table with a ton of other coworkers (some who knew I had been fired and some who didn’t). I pretended to work, then remembered I was fired so I stopped working and started packing up my things. Then I took 3-4 mini cupcakes and devoured them in front of everyone before leaving for the very last time.

With my dog: when I left work, it took me another 20-30 dream minutes to remember where I parked my car, and by that time I realized my dog had been hit by a car (I don’t remember when or where) and all I knew was that I needed to get him to a vet immediately. When I finally reached my car, the world turned back into the panic-ridden, quarantined state we know today, and I could not find ONE vet open for business. I was driving around so long I realized I went the wrong way down one-way streets multiple times and drove through several road blocks…

I do not remember if I ever made it to the vet because at some point I woke up in a cold sweat; confused, depressed, and unhappy.

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