This morning, after a restless night, I had back to back dreams; one confusing, the other disturbing.

It started in my apartment, my roommate came into my room while I was asleep, naked, and said “your friends are here!” Confused, I sat up and Xander walked into the room and stated he liked Hannah (my roommate) better than me. Waking up to this (in my dream) I was obviously upset, only to find a group of guy friends hanging out in my apartment with my roommate, without me. The rest of the group proceeded to walk into my room, one friend offered me his juul, and out of nowhere a bunch of takeout food appeared on my bed. I was not hungry and gave it to my friends.

Then, I walked into the kitchen carrying the rest of the leftover food from my bed and proceeded to spill it EVERYWHERE. They all laughed and I stood there upset and annoyed; before waking up.

Now, this was the first time I woke up in a cold sweat this morning, lucky to find Puff curled beside me, calm as can be. Until I entered, what I can only logically believe to be, a coronavirus stress dream.

Jump to dream two. I am still in my apartment, my friends are still there, only this time one of them has a cat. The cat is outside on my porch and begins sauntering across the roof away from our reach. I tell my friend and we all run outside to watch the cat leap from the roof, onto the highway, where he darts between fast-moving cars and semi-trucks.

As we watch in a full blown panic, something even crazier happens. Cars stop, create a roadblock, and a shootout ensues. cops are dying, pedestrians caught in the crossfire, criminals busting out of trucks with combat weapons, chaos everywhere. From the safety of my porch, we watch in silence. Frozen in disbelief. We call the cops, but they already know. The cat is nowhere to be found and the highway is now littered with dead bodies.

Jump to the second act of my COVID-19 induced nightmare, I am now in a much nicer, much bigger apartment, in a huge complex (in the shape of a “T”) that also served as a very nice resort. In this dream, I was now the one with a kitten.

Completely forgetting the horrific events of the first act, I went to take the kitten for a walk, as one does, and outside was entirely apocalyptic. It was dark, damp, and eerie; essentially I was in the movie Twister. There were people scattered about, hastily running around in an obvious panic. I continue on, in an oblivious haze, and walk to the grocery store to stock up on supplies (I assume). Walking around the grocery store (which mimicked Whole Foods, I aimlessly walk isle to isle. After an extremely unproductive and pointless trip, I leave.

Out of nowhere, I lost the kitten.

I spent the next 30ish dream minutes looking for the cat when someone finally grabbed it in an abandoned parking lot near the grocery store. As my anxiety settles and I gather myself, I carry cat close to my body and head back to my apartment.

The walk took ages and I ended up stumbling through TCU’s campus, running into people who keep stopping me to tell me they saw a E! Hollywood Special of my sister, involved in some scandal, where she was pregnant…

I finally get to my building and shit gets weird. I have to walk around the whole complex to the entrance of the hotel to, then, take the elevator (which is actually a very sketchy escalator) to the third floor to reach my apartment. During this trek, I hit the wrong floor and end up on a wild ride through the hotel. Going all the way to the roof (some 59 floors up, still carrying my cat).

At this point, I realize it’s New Years Eve, and everyone is out and about getting ready to party. I start to panic because I was nowhere near ready and I still had this cat. Then, the unspeakable happens. 59 floors up, on this extremely narrow, incredibly windy escalator, with almost no protection from open air (seemed to be modeled after a parking garage on much higher up and made for skinny humans and no one else), the cat jumps out of my arms. As it falls, I watch in horror because there is nothing I can do. I am stuck between groups of people, unable to move forward or back. One girl next to me starts freaking out as well and we watch the cat land (on all fours) somewhere a few floors below on a slender railing, and begin racing down the escalator.

At this point, I transition to the first floor of the building and race out, for the second time, to find this damn cat. When I retrieve the kitten this time, it suddenly starts to morph into a teeny colorful blob. I am holding the cat in some sort of container praying it doesn’t disappear entirely. I FINALLY make it back to my apartment complex and begin my ascent. This time I take the stairs up three floors but my cat is nearly vanished. At last, I enter my apartment, only to find that the kitten was there all along. Someone on my floor found it wandering around and returned it to my roommate. They said to get a bag of hot water and 18/10ths of tea to warm it up… (literally no idea what that means)

After this traumatizing ordeal, I decide I am not a cat person and never should have gotten one in the first place. It’s still NYE, so I decide to go out. My friend Russell somehow arrives at my apartment to go out with me, so we venture out (I completely gave up on the cat). Walking around wandering from street to street, Russell is hopeful we will get in somewhere stating “it’s NYE, we can get in everywhere” (okay Russell…)

Continuing to wander, something strange keeps following us. Not a person or thing, but a pattern. Every so often, someone would come up to us saying they saw my sister on this E! TV special. After about the third or fourth time, we decide we need to see what’s going on, so we end up back at my apartment watching the show. A few minutes in, we see what everyone is referring to, only it isn’t my sister. It’s me and Russell. We were the subjects of this scandal and this is when shit hit’s the fan. People from my past, people I haven’t seen in years, family members, and strangers appear out of nowhere to question and judge me, even though this story was false.

Overwhelmed and confused, I woke up.

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