Had a dream that I was in charlotte at my childhood house driving with my parents to Kenneth Lanning Salon (in Austin) to get my hair done and I was late so I had to jump out of bed and didn’t have time to take Puff out. So, I get in the car with my parents (my dad is driving at this point) but leave Puff outside because I was in such a hurry I forgot to keep him inside.

Obviously, he chased the car down the street to Providence road (very busy street in Charlotte) and my dad tried to pull over so I can grab Puff and I jump out of the car but all of a sudden… I don’t have a shirt on???

Now I’m chasing Puff down the street, but now there’s also a HORSE I’m trying to capture. So we’re in front of providence sundries (this little pub) and I am running down the street, topless, trying to grab this horse and lead it back to my house… All the while, my mom runs out behind me and realizes my hair is pink and starts questioning me. Completely ignoring the fact that I don’t have a shirt or bra on. She is trying to get me back in the car but I continue to lead the horse by the reins, up the street.

Coincidentally, the next day, I let puff of the leash at our neighborhood dog park and he ran away… shocking, I KNOW

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