Last night the first dream I melted into involved my old boss in Dallas. Not only that, but my manager AND CEO. I was in my old office with Puff and we were celebrating my manager’s birthday. We had a party at the office with cake, brownies, and cookies; BUT, one random girl (who I had never seen before) ate the ENTIRE cake, leaving me a mere sliver 😦 and the cookies and brownies were not for us and my manager would not let us eat them!

Next, we shifted from our Dallas office to my manager’s house because she was watching Puff for the weekend (even though I wasn’t going anywhere… yet). throughout the night, Puff managed to pee all over my manager’s house along with eating her favorite shoes (which I promised to replace).

I transitioned into the next dream more logically than usual. As my manager continued to watch Puff, I headed out on a trip with my grandparents. We arrived at the airport, which was part resort (basically the Ritz), and my grandpa insisted he take the earlier flight so I could travel with my grandma? (this would never happen in real life) but she was complaining that she would not be able to get all of the bags in the overhead bins. Instead, we booked a room and took all of our bags up and went to the bar…

This sparks the third dream of the night, when we arrived at the bar, I walked outside to find my mom, brother, and sister all in snow gear and skis – we were at a lodge in the mountains. I was thrilled to ski (because I have not skied in years and need to practice) and get on the mountain. However, I never made it on the lift… I kept watching something happening at the bottom of the run, that was apparently so enthralling I never left. Instead, I ended up stuck in a snowbank. literally stuck. Luckily a fellow skier came by and pulled me out with her pole and I was able to glide back to my group (who made it down the mountain many times without me…)

Thoughts & Translations: My dreams are extremely indicative of my every day life and the way my brain associates thoughts/memories with my feelings/emotions is so literal it’s almost comical.

Furthermore, I have developed consistent themes and normalities that define stress dreams – airports, scary movies, haunted houses, and driving, to name a few. These themes have been increasingly present in my dreams of late. Don’t know what this means yet, but I have identified a pattern forming and will continue to document my dreams to try and make sense of the madness.

dream: I get stuck in a snowbank and have to let a peer help me get out

translation: I am stuck in a rut at work and literally have to ask my colleagues for help to improve my performance… no brainer.

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