2/16/20: day dream

Just woke out of a dream where I invited all of my coworkers over to hang out but fell asleep before they arrived and instead of waking me, they all hung out in the living room watching tru blood until I woke up. Then, one of my coworkers (who was actually my old coworker from […]

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Last night I had a dream that I was in Dallas with Olivia and Luis and they were tornado warnings and I needed to get out and drive back to Austin but Olivia was driving and we were about to get stuck in a tornado it was literally like the movie twister and all of […]

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2/5/2020: Men are Trash

Yes, you heard me. Men are trash and I have, for the moment, completely lost all hope in men. Granted, there are exceptions, however the universe clearly has other plans for me, seeing as I only seem to interact with the shitty ones. Thank you universe for sending me trash. What does this have to […]

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