Last night I dreamt that I had to give up Puff. It was my worst nightmare to date. I think it was my mom who made me give up Puff and her reasoning was sound. I don’t remember the details but at the time it made sense to give him up because for some reason I couldn’t care for him any longer.

Skip to the next scene where I am in a house with an older woman who I don’t know and all I can think about is Puff. I can’t get him off my mind so I start googling animal shelters. Low and behold I find the shelter holding Puff and call them immediately. The second I get on the phone the woman on the other end says “Puff can’t be without you. He isn’t taking the separation well and he can’t be around other dogs because he’s so depressed”

Without hesitation I go to the shelter and save Puff from my own mistake.

I have never been more distraught from a dream and I will leave it at that because I don’t want to think about it in depth.

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