1/18/20: The Trifecta

Last night I had three nightmares and they are as follows:

First I was in my old neighborhood running through houses and was scaling the fence at one of my neighbors and hopped over when this random Asian woman started speaking to me in Chinese and then said be careful ha ha. That house was full of Asian women doing tea parties or something and then I made it back home and my mom was really pissed off at me and showed me this picture that one of the Asian girls brought her that was me in a ballgown with the Asian girls mom but the picture was clearly photo shopped and I was trying to tell my mom that but she wouldn’t believe me so I had to go get proof that someone pasted the Asian woman’s face on top of my mom‘s face but she still didn’t believe me I woke up in a cold sweat.

My second dream I was back in elementary school or middle school it was kids of all ages but I was still 25 and I didn’t have my schedule yet but my first period was blocked off for seven sessions of Lasik eye surgery so I got to hang out with one of the teachers and this other kid when we were in the cafeteria hanging out at one of the tables when I went to the bathroom without shoes on and had to walk through the gross school bathroom which was wet and the door wouldn’t lock. Then I was out on the street driving this car when a little boy hopped out of his jeep and pushed my car over and then trying to escape dove over the side of the road into this forest even though he was trying to get to this river and got stuck in all the trees and broke all his lamb so I was trying to help him and called his dad but I couldn’t get them out and I was freaking out because this happened the year before with another little boy who survived but he was disfigured after that and could barely speak. Finally the little boy was saved but I was still so distraught I woke up in a cold sweat.

My final dream was even more bizarre. I was on American ninja warrior with this other group of people and we had to go through several different obstacle courses to get to the final round and when we were finally through we were sitting in a Jacuzzi at the top of the obstacle course. I was sitting across from a very pretty lesbian and we started talking about my sexual preferences (it was completely normal) when she goes “interesting. I wonder why you’re into ice cream lesbians” which makes absolutely no sense but in my dream made me think very hard about everything for some reason. I then dove into the pool below before walking back to the hotel. This dream took place in Florida sidenote. Once we were in the hotel I lost my keys again for the third time and then ended up finding a bunch of cash in my purse which was exciting so I bought this cookie dough cookie sandwich slice and no bake nestle toll house thing before returning to my room then I went back down to the lobby in the morning and there was an apocalyptic snowstorm and everyone was trapped inside the hotel and I was locked out of my room so I couldn’t get my cookie dough cookie sandwich and ended up looking all over the hotels first floor which was basically like a giant mansion with all these different modern day contraptions looking for more food and more cookie dough sandwiches but couldn’t find any an outside it was a snowy tundra so no one could leave and then I woke up in a cold sweat.

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