Had a dream last night that I was on a road trip with Claire and we were going to Charleston but had to drive through Georgia to get there (from NC, so that doesn’t make sense).

First we stopped at this fancy gas station in the Georgia mountains that was basically a small outlet mall. I stole all of these random teeny trinkets like a toy calculator and mini desk organizer set… then I got sick and went to the bathroom and broke the hot water faucet. Told Claire’s dad and then it magically worked again?

We get back in the car and head to the next stop which was an actual strip mall and we were starving so we went to look for food but the ONLY options were all hotdog restaurants, including the hot dog stand outside of Home Depot. 

I was fine with the idea of a hot dog but Claire wanted something healthier, i.e. collard greens and mashed potatoes? We went in to one of the hot dog bar/restaurants so I could get a fountain Diet Coke but they only had diet PEPSI… EW. Instead, we settled for crinkle cut fries at the bar when a random man sitting next to us started eating our fries without asking. Being the naturally protective foodie I am, I immediately shut down the interaction and told this fatty to get his own damn fries.

Woke up very hungry for hot dogs

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