This one’s a doozy… (with little to no punctuation)

Last night I dreamed that I was back in school and a G was throwing this huge celebration and there was like this whole festival going on and it was the whole school going and my mom was in charge of the entertainment and drinks and everyone got wasted and then I found out Peyton and Carson died and it was so realistic I thought it actually happened. Peyton was in a car crash but she wasn’t driving and so the celebration was to honor her.

Then I was at work and Mallory was trying to tell me about her dream and I was trying to tell her about my dream but we kept cutting each other off and there was so much pizza we were trying to eat (I had four pieces)

fast forward we were at a restaurant still trying to explain our dreams and I keep trying to hit my juul but my grandparents were there and I didn’t want to do it in front of them and then a mouse started flying around the restaurant and everyone freaked out and then like four more of them came out of nowhere so everyone left the restaurant we are back at the festival for the middle school.

then I ended up in Colorado with my whole family including my grandma at my summer camp. Alexander and my dad set up explosives to try and catch monkeys so they could teach us things I’m not quite sure what things. Then we ran into the camp director and she was so excited to see me and I really wanted to stay so that we could watch the sunset but we had to hike a mile up to the camp to get to the sunset spot and Grandma couldn’t make that far and had to go to the bathroom so she had to use the coed bathroom that was closer and there was a girl and they’re showering and it was my friend Cara from college.

Then basically we were in this obstacle course trying to get into the camp and they were all of these weird obstacles and pranks we had to work our way around we finally got there and then went back through the obstacle course so that I could get all of the candy that was hanging around everywhere

The scariest part of this dream other than Peyton dying were the flying mice. I actually thought they were real and googled “mouse with wings” this morning…

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