Last night I dreamt that I had to give up Puff. It was my worst nightmare to date. I think it was my mom who made me give up Puff and her reasoning was sound. I don’t remember the details but at the time it made sense to give him up because for some reason […]

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1/18/20: The Trifecta

Last night I had three nightmares and they are as follows: First I was in my old neighborhood running through houses and was scaling the fence at one of my neighbors and hopped over when this random Asian woman started speaking to me in Chinese and then said be careful ha ha. That house was […]

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Last night in my dream I had a threesome with Jamie Lee Curtis and her hot husband who reminded me of Dennis Quaid. We went skinny-dipping in my pool and then hooked up in my bed and then Jamie Lee Curtis bought me laundry detergent and washed my sheets for me. Then everything switched and […]

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Had a dream last night that I was on a road trip with Claire and we were going to Charleston but had to drive through Georgia to get there (from NC, so that doesn’t make sense). First we stopped at this fancy gas station in the Georgia mountains that was basically a small outlet mall. […]

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This one’s a doozy… (with little to no punctuation) Last night I dreamed that I was back in school and a G was throwing this huge celebration and there was like this whole festival going on and it was the whole school going and my mom was in charge of the entertainment and drinks and […]

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