10/3/19- The Hawk

Last night I had a dream that I was back in my childhood house in Charlotte with my mom. We were outside trying to get inside but there was a GIANT hawk in the driveway blocking our path. The hawk was wounded and had a broken/clipped wing so it couldn’t really fly but it had a HUGE beak and was still trying to attack us and prevent us from getting to the house.

The hawk would fly up a few feet and try to bite me so I jumped on top of the awning above my front door and discovered that one of the windows was unlocked so I was diving for the window but the hawk kept trying to stop me. He managed to fly up next to me and almost get me before I narrowly escaped through the window.

The next step was to get my mom through the front door past the hawk, but the hawk was so big she couldn’t get around. My mom, and the hawk, momentarily disappeared while I climbed inside through the window.

Once inside the house, things began to take form. Puff was there along with my old Dallas neighbor’s blue healer- Kravitz. There was also a Christmas tree in the living room, although it wasn’t nearly Christmas time…

At this point, my mom made it into the house and now we were faced with a new mystery. There was a sound coming from the basement. It was like a child crying but there were no children in the house. My mom was convinced that it was my sister (but in my dream my sister didn’t exist… she was either dead or never born, I’m not sure which but, she wasn’t there). So, we decided it was just our imagination because it wasn’t possible for anyone to be in the basement.

At one point, I finally decided to venture down into the basement (not because of the sound) but because I needed something… upon entering, two white dogs ran up to greet me and I determined that they were the cause of the crying sound my mom and I heard. Now, my mom, again, momentarily disappeared and it was just me with four dogs running around the house.

While I was acquainting myself with the new dogs, Krav peed ALL over the floor and around the tree, frustrating me because I knew my mom would be mad when she found out. So, I wildly started cleaning and taking paper towels from all over the house to wipe it up. I tried letting Krav outside but the other two dogs escaped and I couldn’t go out to get them because the hawk reappeared. I was so scared that the two new dogs would get eaten so I was frantically calling them even though I didn’t know their names. I managed to get them back inside and resumed my post cleaning the carpet.

Now, my mom reappeared and was, in fact, pissed about Krav peeing all over the carpet, but she helped me clean it up anyway.

It wasn’t until later that we discovered the hawk was actually protecting her nest of eggs and she thought we were a threat. I then informed my roommate (who suddenly entered from NOWHERE) that it was a good thing we were moving so that we wouldn’t be around when the hawk eggs hatched…

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