9/20/19- Near Death

I was in Austin and at the park with puff but also working on my computer and my family was coming to visit so I took puff to the local gas station dog care place (because that’s a thing) to drop him off hole my family and I went out to dinner. I had to use the gas stations WiFi to work on my computer and there were all these people running around acting ghetto and what not, but I dropped Puff off anyway.

There was a friendly female officer at the gas station who gave me some advice about the neighborhood and basically said it wasn’t safe for me.

Then, I went to meet my friends before dinner for a bit. When I was walking back to the gas station I ran into all these people from my life from high school and from college who I haven’t spoken to in years and they all tried to talk to me but I was running late and needed to get puff. On my way back I also ran into my entire family (my mom’s side) and said I would meet them at dinner. I kept on moving to get Puff and when I got to the gas station my sister was there. Puff was so excited to see me because he has been locked up in lm a little cell like he was in the pound.

I got puff out of the gas station and then ran into my friend from high school her mom and brothers. We went back to their hotel to get something before dinner meeting my family and that’s when shit got weird. We were in the elevator going down from the seventh floor and it stopped on the fourth floor when the elevator door stopped working and the didn’t close. All of a sudden the walls and the floor from the elevator disappeared and it was only the skeleton left; metal and wires. All these other people got onto the elevator before it plunged and started falling. I was holding on for my life, I had the biggest knot in my stomach and it felt like I was about to die; it felt so real. When we got to the first floor I was holding on to the metal bars, all that was left of the elevator, before jumping off so scared and pissed off after what had just happened. My friend and her family were also terrified and when we got off her mom started walking away saying mean things about me. Also we got back down and we were by the gas station and all of my bags were sitting out in a parking garage and I was so scared that my stuff got stolen because the neighborhood wasn’t safe. Luckily everything was still in my bag and puff was fine but I was still late for dinner still terrified from the elevator and now feeling like a piece of shit because my friends mom basically blamed me for almost killing them. Then I woke up.

When I fell back asleep, I dove back into the dream. I was now in a house with my mom and her new husband who was Asian or Vietnamese, or Spanish, I’m not positive but he had about 50 kids and they were all in the house with us. Along with mom’s new husband there was a woman (either the guy’s other wife or his sister, i’m not sure) but she was the most wonderful woman I have ever met. She was so nice and comforting and hugged me with her whole heart and I could feel it. I could also feel her giant boobs which were even more comforting.

It was hard to keep up with all of their names but about half of the family and my mom left for dinner while the other half of us stayed at the house to get ready when the dogs started going while. Puff escaped and there was another puppy in the house going wild. When I finally rounded up all of the other kids to meet our family at dinner, it was about 11pm and dinner was well over and my mom was pissed that I missed it.

Somehow the dream jumped and I was in a buggy/go cart thing with my mom. We were flying down the streets of Austin looking for a place to park with cars zooming past us and almost hitting us. We finally found a place to park, got out of our sketchy little vehicle and the dream faded out.

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