Last night I had a dream that I was back in school; either high school or college, it was unclear. The teacher, an ethnic woman (ethnicity also unclear), passed out tests the moment we walked in and I sat down and began reading the questions and almost immediately got upset. The font size was SO small I could not read the questions. This frustrated me and I became flustered and discombobulated.

I was so upset, I started tearing up and my left eye was bawling (for some reason my right eye wasn’t really crying… maybe I was lying on my left side while I was asleep or something). Anyway, I couldn’t stop crying so the teacher came over to find out what was wrong. I immediately exploded and began explaining how I was (basically) blind and could hardly see the questions, even with my glasses on. I proceeded to explain the travails of my life with horrible vision; it was extremely dramatic and over-exaggerated.

My teacher, confused but understanding, excused me to leave the room and finish my test at a different time when she could enlarge the font size.

I think the whole purpose of my outburst was to get out of the test because I didn’t study; so I succeeded but it was so pathetic… I made my way to the restroom to, presumably, smoke my juul and wipe my eyes. However, when I walked in a girl tried to cut me in line because she was looking for her backpack. She walked into the stall with me and when her backpack wasn’t there and she stormed out.

Not sure WHY that is the only thing I remember from my dream but it sure was memorable.

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