Last night I woke up (in my dream) from a procedure and my mother promptly informed me that the surgeons chipped my tooth during the procedure. I had to go to the dentist at the last minute to get my tooth fixed. My mom was driving me home from my previous procedure and did not want to drive me to the dentist because she wanted to go home (it was evening at this point) but I insisted we go because I COULD NOT walk around with a chipped tooth.

We were driving to the dentist and it was a wild ride- we drove through a mall and through parking garages round and round in circles to finally get to the dentist. When we arrived, the dentist was unavailable, but I persisted and would not give up. on this tooth! The dentist, a young attractive woman, finally fixed my tooth and sent me on my way.

At this point, my mother already went home and told me to find a ride because she was ready to be in her “soft clothes” and go to bed (lol). So, after the dentist fixed my tooth, I started to walk home (I was in Dallas at this point) and on my way home I hear a noise behind me. I turned around and it was the dentist! In a hoodie looking very incognito. She asked if I wanted to go to the bar with her, and, naturally, I said yes. So, we walked over to Green Door (a bar right by my apartment in Dallas).

There were only locals in the bar and we had to walk down stairs to a basement-like room to enter the bar, it seriously looked like a house- there was a big couch with a coffee table covered in beer bottles and glasses. We ordered drinks, when suddenly, the laughing gas or whatever it was from my previous surgeries hit me like a train. I lost my balance and toppled over onto the coffee table, shattering glasses and getting glass shard everywhere. I was covered in glass and managed to get a piece stuck in my finger. This was a BIG deal, I mean, I have never been so upset or mortified about a teeny piece of glass- but I was. One of the bartenders offered to help me get it out, so I asked if he had tweezers.

He did, but insisted on using his method to get out the glass. He started banging my finger with a shoe trying to get the glass out, it didn’t make sense at all. That didn’t work, so we went to his car to drive the glass out of my finger… this also made no sense but it all made perfect sense at the time. He drove me around for a long time before the glass finally fell out of my finger…

I was so tired and semi-traumatized from this experience that when we got back to the bar/house establishment, I was ready to go to sleep. The bartender offered me his couch at the house next door or the “ratchet room” at the bar. I had no idea what this meant but I was not about to sleep in a bar. So, I let him take me to his house to sleep on the couch, which was awkward because some girl was trying to go home with him.

Even weirder- before I left the bar, the dentist grabbed me and kissed me; turns out she was a lesbian! I was certainly caught off guard, but not mad; she was hot.

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