Had a dream where I went to my brother’s wedding (not his wife’s, this was his second wedding- the one for the man because that’s how weddings worked in my dream, you had two of them- one for the bride and one for the groom) and my brother was friends with Chris Hemsworth so we were hanging out the whole time. At one point, my brother put me in charge of entertaining the groomsmen so that’s exactly what I did but really just ended up hanging out with Chris the whole time.

Then Chris and I went to Grace’s wedding (on the same day) and you had to pay a cover to get in if you didn’t have an invitation so Chris had to pay, but it was fine. The weddings were really close to each other so we walked from the field my brother’s wedding was in to the field next door where Grace’s wedding was. I wasn’t in Grace’s wedding which was weird because we’re best friends… but we paid the cover and went in to the wedding which was like a huge carnival. I was chatting it up with my friends then Chris and I wanted to head back to my brother’s wedding for the cake cutting.

When we got up to leave, Chase Crawford was there and he was trying to flirt with me but was being a total douche. He pulled on my leg and pulled me to the ground becuase he was trying to “flirt” so Chris Hemsworth BEAT HIM UP FOR ME.


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