8/3/19- Nightmare

Last night’s dream is hard to explain because so many things were happening at once and everything changed instantaneously, but I will try my best to detail the events from my mind and share my nightmare.

I was in a house and puff was a literal demon. My mom made me put him in a cage and sleep in her room because I was scared of mine and she slept in my room.

Now, let me back up. I was in a scary movie about the Manson girls and they were all demons trying to recruit me. They were stuck in the woods and couldn’t get out so and I was there for some reason and also couldn’t get out. They were trying to attack me and I was running away and that’s when I ended up in the house and the girls disappeared and Puff turned into a demon.

So, I am sleeping in my mom’s bed but I get up to go get in my bed with my mom because I couldn’t sleep and that’s when a clone of Puff came out and hopped in bed with us. I wanted to cuddle him but my mom knew he was still a demon and made me take him out to the cage with the other Puff. That’s when another demon wolf came out and tried to attack us. We were in the front lawn and my dad fought this wolf and set him and Puff on fire. He covered them in oil but I was screaming the whole time not to set Puff on fire because he was innocent.

My dad didn’t listen and proceeded to set both of them on fire as I watched. I was mortified and devastated because I just watched my dog die in front of my eyes but the nightmare wasn’t over. The wolf came back to life as we were trying to escape and we realized we were stuck in purgatory. This scene would play out for the rest of our lives- there was no escape.

At this point I woke myself up because I was so scared, at which point I discovered Puff curled up by my side, like he always is.

I got up and got some water and tried to go back to sleep and forget this nightmare, but I fell right back into it the minute I closed my eyes. I was back in purgatory trying to figure out how to break the loop when I realized I needed to trap the wolf. I had had a vision right when I fell back asleep that I escaped by trapping the animals and driving away from the house through the forest and to safety. However, this time there was a wolf and a bear and demon Puff. So I had to capture all three animals and escape the house to get out of purgatory. The Manson girls were back but this time they wanted to help me escape.

We all hid in a closet upstairs in the house away from the animals and tried to make crates out of wood we found in the house. The closet we were in turned into a bedroom and the bed turned into a secret compartment that opened up to reveal a magic chest thing that also contained a small child… this boy had been hiding in the chest away from the demons but he was also dead by the time we found him.

At this point, the demons figured out where we were and were trying to get into the bedroom but we hadn’t finished making the crates to capture them. While the animals were trying to break in, the room we were in started changing and turning into a scary movie again and everything was falling apart.

I don’t know if I ever escaped because I woke up again and the next time I fell asleep I fell into a different dream about this Keanu Reeves movie called “Knock Knock.” I needed up in his scary movie but I was one of the crazy bitches trying to kill him. I wrecked him house, tied him up, and wreaked havoc on his life with two other crazy girls… and then I woke up

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