8/1/19- Rabbit Rabbit

Last night I dreamed that I was in a different city (I think Nashville because we were with Mallory, Mallory’s mom, brother, and sister). We were with my mom as well and we were all about to go to dinner but first we had to go to someone else’s house. So we all got in the car and left Mallory’s and went driving through Nashville looking at all of the beautiful homes.

We finally reached the house we wanted and all got out to go inside for some reason (I was starving by this point). Suddenly, Puff was with us and running around like crazy so my mom told me to take him out before dinner. I said okay, hang on, and proceeded to put on Mallory’s mom’s pants (which fit and also had a fanny pack on them) because we were all sharing pants and all wearing Mallory’s mom’s…

So, I take Puff outside and THE SCARIEST THING OF MY LIFE HAPPENS. He jumps off the porch really high and when he lands he starts crying out in pain, the most horrific sound I have ever heard. I sprint over to him to see what’s wrong and he has a GIANT stick stuck in his gums on the roof of his mouth. He was whimpering like a baby and I had to hold him down while I pulled it out. I was so terrified I woke myself up from the dream and cuddled the shit out of Puff who was curled up beside me the whole time.

Upon falling asleep, I jumped into a new dream where I was working at a Mexican restaurant (with this guy I met and befriended in Breckenridge, CO). We were trying to close early, because we were the only two working, and smoke with two of our friends so we turned the lights off and sat in one of the back booths to smoke when a ton of people walked in (despite the lights) and sat down for dinner. I was less than excited for this dinner rush and proceeded to half-ass my job because I wanted to go home. However, Tyler (Breckenridge guy) was helping me with my tables even though I did so poorly with one table they asked for a new server. Whoops…

Then, an entire parade of Broadway play actors arrived for this boy’s baseball award dinner… While this show was going on, all of the servers and bartenders met by the kitchen to take shots… one of the chefs made us all shots and I took a huge one that had a MASSIVE shrimp in it… I didn’t eat the shrimp but I took the shot like a champ. Then… I found the donuts that were sitting in the kitchen and retrieved a couple of them for myself because I was hungry and never got food from my previous dream.

What was weird though, was the fact that the kitchen was leaking from the ceiling when I went in to get donuts. And no one seemed concerned in the slightest.

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