Last night I dreamed that I was in Austin with my best friend Grace. We were going out clubbing, getting down and dirty all night long but the next day we had to get up early to go get our hair cut… we both had appointments at the same place at the same time.

So, we get up and we tried to get an Uber but the driver told us to meet him on this hill so we went up on to the hill and almost got hit by two other cars because we weren’t actually supposed to be up there! After nearly escaping death, we magically transported ourselves to a nice little restaurant on Rainey street for a spot of breakfast.

This was no ordinary breakfast. I was shook.

I somehow forgot to take a face mask off but no one seemed to find this strange (I guess because Austin is weird?) and Grace and I ordered beers to chug at breakfast instead of food… when we were trying to finally catch an Uber to go get our hair done, Grace’s dad, Steve, showed up. We were down the street when he arrived so we all walked back to the little coffee shop for breakfast and coffee- no beer this time.

All I ordered was an iced coffee when suddenly, the coffee shop shrunk in half, this place was teeny, there was barely any room to stand and in an instant I was behind the counter in the kitchen (slash living area because the coffee shop also magically turned into a little house) waiting for my coffee. The barista was explaining how she makes the coffee by cooling down the ice with cold water before adding the coffee and creamer (no joke, she explained it this way). She was also taking so long, I was worried Grace and I would miss our hair appointment! As I waited for the ice to chill, the shop filled up with tons of people, Grace and Steve sat at a small table eating their food and many others ordered while I was still behind the counter.

Then, the people went outside to do some kind of team building exercise and I asked the barista if some kind of camp was going on or if these were literally just strangers who decided to do team building activities together. They were in fact strangers and this is just how Austin works apparently…

Back inside (I still had my face mask on) something weird was happening… the whole shop was shaking but I was the only one who seemed to care, I could barely stand but everyone else was ignoring it. The coffee shop turned into a cozy little family room and everyone was sitting in a circle playing this weird guessing game. I tried to join in but the shaking was making it impossible for me to sit down or even stand for that matter.

I decided I needed to take my face mask off because I had had it on for hours now, so I went back into the kitchen/living area and found a shower… I turned it on and despite wearing a long sleeve sweatshirt, only my face and hair got wet. It took ages to get the mask off because it was so dry and then it turned part of my hair BLUE, I had a blue streak on my left side, and it wouldn’t go away. Grace came in and laughed but said it was fine and I asked her if we were going to miss our hair appointment but she kept insisting we were fine and told me to come sit down and play the game.

So, I did just that. I went and joined the party despite the shop shaking tremendously and tried to act normal. I couldn’t. Everything was rumbling in my world while everyone around me seemed totally un-phased. I was so confused, I didn’t know how to act. At this point, I was also freaking out because I didn’t want Grace and I to miss our hair appointments.

The dream finally ended with me encouraging the barista to FINALLY make my iced coffee but it was a whole process: she had to empty the ice water, pour the iced coffee into this little cream pot, then pour the coffee into the cup half way, then pour in cream, then more coffee, then top it off with cream. and at last, I received my coffee- it was the best iced coffee I’d ever had. Grace and I once and for all managed to escape the shaking coffee shop and hop in an Uber (I assume) to go and get our hair done.

Moral of this dream is that I need a haircut…

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