Last night I was in… Colorado? or somewhere outside of Texas and I was in the nicest apartment/house I have ever been in at this extravagant party with my grandparents and they were teaching me how to behave properly… (even though I already know how to do that). I actually ended up spilling my drink on the nice ass carpet and, as I was apologizing, my grandparents were applauding me for apologizing and not trying to cover it up… Then, the hosts brought out the most delicious looking hor d’oeuvres which consisted of some kind of pate, cheese, and some other spread and meat… it was really strange (and this comes back later in my dream)

Then, the grandparents and old people left and it was just me and this couple who lived at the apartment/house also. They had a dog and I had Puff with me (naturally) So we decided to take the dogs for a walk, and this is when things got interesting…

We went walking through the neighborhood, which definitely turned into somewhere in Europe and Puff kept running off everywhere, making friends with everyone, and I could not keep track of him because all the while we were still eating the hor d’oeuvres. We were also bopping in and out of restaurants, bars, and clubs up and down the streets of this strange city… with our dogs. At one point, I really lost Puff and it took forever to retrieve him from this nice group of people.

When we finally headed back to the apartment/house, we were standing in an alley outside of the building and everything looked condemned and falling apart, but inside it was a palace. We all regrouped outside of the apartment and my mom showed up… and told me it was time to go. We went inside to pack our things and suddenly I had like three suitcases worth of shit and Puff. I didn’t know how I got everything there in the first place and I had no idea how I was going to get everything back home. Especially because I still had all of the damn hor d’oeuvres!! I spent so much time trying to pack up my belongings, I was probably going to be late to the airport, but this was less important than what was about to happen.

I finally packed up all of my shit and was ready to head to the airport so I got in my car and started driving. Before realizing that I had no idea where the airport was and I had no idea which airport I was even going to. At some point I was out of the car walking though a festival downtown trying to navigate my way to the airport when I ran into another very nice couple with a dog (it was the same couple as before but something was different this time… they seemed different like they transformed from high class, rich socialites to down-to-earth rave rats). This time, they helped me find the airport and they were traveling too so we all went together and the same issues started happening again- I kept losing track of Puff! That little shit was wandering everywhere through this crazy festival all while I was trying to get him to the airport!

At long last, we arrived at the airport but something was wrong with Puff, he ate something that wasn’t food and it was stuck in his belly. In addition to Puff’s gastro-issues, the couple just received word from their stepfather that they had successfully made it through the weekend and now they were ordered to KILL THEIR DOG. STRAIGHT UP OUT OF NOWHERE MY DREAM TOOK THE MOST DISTURBING TURN AND THIS COUPLE WAS LEGITIMATELY CONSIDERING KILLING THEIR DOG.

I was shook, I was freaking out, I was horrified by everything that was happening, all while trying to get the random shit out of Puff’s stomach. Luckily, the couple decided they didn’t need to kill the dog to complete their stepfather’s fucked up game, they could just leave the dog at the airport. so that’s what they did… they LEFT THEIR DOG ALONE AT THE AIRPORT. It was all so absurd. This was an adorable German Shepard puppy too, probably like eight months old. So they just ditched and got on their plane without their dog.

Don’t know what happened to their dog, all I know is that I was able to dislodge the objects from Puff’s stomach and we FINALLY made our way to the gate to get on the plane and go home. However, when we arrived at our gate to board, the plane was actually a giant movie theater. Part of me was relieved that I would be flying home in a giant movie theater, I didn’t even question it.

This dream was especially interesting because, like many of my dreams, it took place in an airport; but this time I spent the majority of the dream trying to arrive at the airport instead of wandering around inside of the terminal. This was also unlike any of my other dreams because this was the first time Puff was with me at the airport (that I know of). The dream mainly revolved around Puff and trying to protect him while I was struggling to figure out my shit and navigate my way to the airport.

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