Last night I dreamed I was in a train station/terminal with Travis and Ryan and I forgot my juul. I was traveling home and pretty devastated about it because I didn’t want to have to go out and buy a new one (first world problems).

The terminal was very crowded and I kept borrowing Travis’s juul because I was stressed out. I don’t exactly remember the train ride, but when I arrived at home, my sister was waiting there for me (which only made me more stressed out). I was showing her my texts (for some godforsaken reason) and she saw my text to my squaaa (best friend’s) saying that she was one of the reasons I needed my juul. She laughed at this but was clearly annoyed.

As we trotted round the terminal, it began to transform into a mall, as most of my “crowded terminal” dreams do. We sauntered through the crowded “mall” looking for a bathroom, when I pointed ahead of me and said it was in this little boutique. As we walked into the boutique, there was another woman waiting in line for the bathroom so I respectfully stood by a rack of clothes to give her space. But then, once she exited the bathroom a small black child ran into the door cutting me off. I really had to pee so this pissed me off. Then, out of nowhere, my childhood friend Hallie popped up and walked into the bathroom with this small black girl, she said it was fine, even though it wasn’t- she cut us off, but in they went and out I stayed, annoyed, juul-less, and about to pee my pants.

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