Dream Analysis 6/28/19

In my previous post I had some questions about my dreams and I decided to do a little research to explore some explanations:

Why do certain people end up in dreams even if you have not thought about them? what does it mean to dream about a specific friend?

Answer: there are tons of reasons and meanings.

According to Elite Daily and Dr. John Mayer, we incorporate data that spins around in our heads all day into our dreams. So, thoughts, experiences, and sensations can stimulate an association with someone (without even being aware of it) and they end up in your dreams. There’s no way to control who ends up in your dreams (naturally) and the brain makes associations in ways we sometimes cannot fully understand.

Interestingly enough, I found this applicable to my dreams: dreaming about your parents could mean that you are associating it with an unresolved issue or childhood memory. Makes ya think…

How does your mind choose who and what to include in dreams?

Answer: dream lag.

Sometimes experiences in our daily lives filter through our minds days later and end up in our dreams. Apparently, Psychology Today claims that different types of memory can be incorporated into our dreams. Short-term (daily residual) memory and slightly longer-term memory (about a week). Timing of the memories showing up in your dreams can be an important part of the memory consolidation process (not sure how).

This makes me wonder about how time is literally just a social construct created by our world (don’t get me wrong , I completely understand and appreciate time) but I don’t think time is linear and dreams and memories may be clues and evidence as to why…

Why is food the most common theme in all of my dreams? Why am I constantly dreaming about food?

Answer: I’m hungry. Hungry for SOMETHING, I just can’t quite figure out what… I have a desire or a want for something missing in my life.

Specifically, I dream about sweets. I LOVE sweets and apparently, in dreams, they represent indulgence or forbidden pleasures. So this one will give me something to think about.

Many of my dreams take place in airport terminals (never on an actual plane) Why are airports a common theme in my dreams?

Answer: It depends on the conditions of the dream. So, here are my conditions:

I am always in a large, crowded airport, full of strangers and a few odd characters from my life (i.e. my neighbor or mother) I am always wandering around either lost, or looking for my gate. Sometimes I stop for food, sometimes people off me things (like trinkets or alcohol), and sometimes I am trying to find my way out of the airport.

Now, the analysis:

I am on a journey in life, looking for a new path or an extreme change. This could be my desire to move out of Dallas, start a new job , and begin the next chapter of my life.

Airport dreams occur when you feel lost, misguided, or confused about what path to take. This would be SPOT ON in describing how I feel about my life right now. I feel lost and confused about what my next step should be. I know I need to get out of Dallas and I know I need to make more money, but I don’t know where I should go or what I should do.

Dreaming of strangers in an airport: feelings of isolation. Again, SPOT ON. I feel isolated in Dallas, far from my friends and, on the other hand, I isolate myself because I do not feel safe here. I dread going out for fear of running into the person I despise so instead, I just don’t go out.

Main conclusion: I feel lost, confused, and unsure of myself; unsure of where I belong and what I should be doing.

How do I find myself? Where do I find my path?

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