I know I dreamed about many things last night but I can only remember a small chunk:

I was at the airport traveling with my mom, sister, and sister-in-law and we were running around the airport terminals looking for… gifts? Then, the airport basically turned into Stanley Korshak (a department store in Dallas where I used to work) and everything turned into this fabulous gala.

There was a black man leading us through the party up the stairs then down, then in circles and I got tangled up in a phone cord and had to spin myself out and I got really dizzy (not sure where the phone came from…) then the black guy finally made it to the bar and bought us drinks.

My friend, Nick, was there and we were walking around the party and wandered into the airport again. There was a flight attendant or security guard standing there and he told me we couldn’t bring our drinks in so we chugged them and proceeded to walk about the airport for reasons unknown.

At one point I ran into my big brother, Alexander, and chatted with him while double fisting beers. I don’t remember much else other than the fact that we were all dressed up in very fancy ballgowns and suits.

Questions I wish I had answers to:

  1. Why do certain people end up in dreams even if you have not thought about them? what does it mean to dream about a specific friend?
  2. How does your mind choose who and what to include in dreams?
  3. Why is food the most common theme in all of my dreams? Why am I constantly dreaming about food?
  4. Many of my dreams take place in airport terminals (never on an actual plane) Why are airports a common theme in my dreams?

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