Okay, I have to include a picture because THIS GUY (pictured below on the end sticking his tongue out) was in my dream last night serving up sandwiches at Eatzi’s.

I was in line behind a basketball team of some sort and when I finally got to the front to order, I got a chicken salad sandwich with every type of cheese on it.

The story behind this picture is actually pretty good too:

It was New Years Day, and I was in New Orleans with my two best friends in a psychedelic haze bouncing around Bourbon Street and dancing my ass off at the Red Hot Chili Pepper’s concert. I nearly cried when Anthony Kedis made eye contact with me during the show. We were covered in face jewels and happiness and the only thing that mattered was living in the moment, together.

The lights and music enveloped us in overwhelming joy and pure, innocent bliss. It’s a miracle we managed to keep our clothes on during Tony and Flea’s set. The boys were on FIRE that night and their passion fueled us for the rest of the evening and well into the following days.

That night, we floated through the city high on life and whatever else we could get our hands on. We trolled through bars in search of soul, and found it everywhere we went. Live music, street dancers, and three fairy tale beauties, running through the streets like children unsupervised.

We made friends with the random black guy (pictured above) who graciously drew us a self portrait (if you look really closely you will see how fucked up it is). He is sticking his tongue out where his two front teeth should be. I want to say that his name is Orlando, but don’t quote me on that. Orlando made our night and as we danced our way out of that situation, we kept this photo and he will live on forever in our memory.

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