Dreamed that my best friend Mallory was a superstar, like David Bowie. She was in a band and they were performing at Bonaroo in Tennessee. She was crazy good and I was there with my other best friend Sally and I was crying because her voice was so beautiful and I was so happy for her. I was also crying because I was jealous of er success (not sure what that’s about). All of Mallory’s friends were there to support her and after the show, Mallory drove us to her house but the drive was WILD.

Mallory was driving a big hay truck with a giant flat bed and she stuffed all of her friends in the back and was driving like a crazy person. Going through yards and down hills, people were falling out but she wouldn’t stop, we had to get home. When we finally reached our destination, we had to go through a mall and climb up all of these stairs to reach her house. There was a raging party at Mallory’s to celebrate her show before her next performance.

The next day, Mallory drove us back to the farm (Bonaroo) just as crazy as the day before. This time, I fell out of the back because I wasn’t holding on and when I tried to climb back in, one of Mallory’s friend’s asked me to scoot over because she didn’t have enough room (I blame puff for this because he took up the ENTIRE bed last night)

Today was more like a movie. There were cameras and Mallory got on camera because she looked BOMB in these high-waist flare, blue, velvety pants that had the prettiest embroidered flowers on the bottoms and a beret to top it off. She sang an original song called “velvet” …I think and the crowd went nuts for her and the camera was on her the whole time. I was next to her up on stage standing awkwardly behind her (perhaps as if in her shadow) but still had a blast.

Overall, this was one of my more enjoyable dreams; no one died in this one. But the symbolism and meaning behind some of the events intrigues me. In reality, I am beyond happy for my friend’s successes and support her NO MATTA WHAT, so why the sense of inferiority? Is my subconscious trying to tell me something again? To I envy her life and happiness? Do I dream of her success because I want it to be mine? These are questions I cannot answer in the moment, but will hold in the back of my mind in search of an answer.

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