Preface: my mom is in town so we slept in the same bed last night

I was at a house in Fort Worth and there were a few people there and I happened to be in my ex-boyfriend’s room talking to another guy (don’t remember who). I left the room and saw my ex-boyfriend walk in the house and upstairs so I followed him into his room then when he turned around we both kind of jumped because we weren’t expecting to see each other. He had just gotten this HUGE tattoo of a rainbow unicorn on his arm, I mean this thing took up his entire arm and it’s mane was a rainbow (my ex-boyfriend is not gay).

Then, I was with my best friend Olivia and her ex-boyfriend and his friend Peter and we all got in the shower and I started having sex with Peter… while Olivia and this other guy were still in the shower. Then they all got out and I go “wait I wasn’t finished” and Peter says “You weren’t finished??? I can’t, I’m tired” (loser). So I had to finish taking a shower by myself.

When I got out of the shower, I was at my friend Russell’s house but it was at the beach and my mom was there and we had to get to the airport so I was driving us there but I got lost and we ended back up at Russell’s with his family and my mom said “I’m going to go take a shower” and I started yelling at her because we had to get to the airport.

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