Last night was a weird one…

I was in another scary movie and this one took place in an old hotel that also happened to be this man’s house. I think I was in Colorado, but I can’t be sure. I was with several other people and my mom booked the hotel room for us. I also had my old dog Baron with us (who is not with us anymore). Things got pretty wild right off the bat when we arrived. We were waiting for our friend, Cameron, to arrive so we passed the time by drinking. I got sick and couldn’t stop throwing up then I threw up on the hotel bed and another one of my friends did the same thing which would come back to bite us.

We then went out to party once our friend arrived but she soon disappeared. Then we were driving in a car and the car’s headlights weren’t on and the driver slammed on the breaks and someone went flying from the car (Cameron). The car launched her hundreds of yards away and she died. We then found out that she was dressed up as a type of Spider Woman super hero and was planning to save the city we were in.

We went back to the hotel and Baron and two other dogs were now in our room. We proceeded to get kicked out of the hotel room and charged for the vomit on the bed. But then the hotel started falling apart and we were all trying to escape without falling through the cracks in the ground. I was trying to save my dog and was also freaking out that we were charged for the bed because it didn’t do any damage.

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