I was a scientist in the jungle running from giant gorillas (King Kong?)I was dreaming as someone else, and it was like watching a movie through someone else’s eyes. I was running through the jungle and soaring over tree tops and although I never saw the gorillas, I knew they were there. Then I found this research lab so I ran down inside. There were a couple other scientists there who seemed to ignore me.

I could barely see because I was in a dream state, and everything was dim and dark. I wanted to explore so I walked around a bit but I was still conscious of the fact that the gorillas were still looking for me outside. Then, two of the other scientists started fighting and I didn’t know what to do because I thought the gorillas would hear them. I tried to break it up but they wouldn’t stop so I have to escape and run out of the lab. Outside, it was snowing and I was no longer in the jungle. I was in the mountains and quickly dove into a tent I saw outside of the research lab. The tent was cozy and warm, so I snuggled up to hide from the gorillas and go to sleep.

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