The word of the day is “oneiric” and I am going to use it in this post and hopefully my context clues will help you figure oput what it means; unless you already know.

My week has been hazy to say the least. I have not dreamed once even though I have slept an overwhelming amount. I don’t know why I am so tired, maybe I’m just bored. My life this week seems to have an oneiric air about it because I have not felt fully awake nor fully asleep, but everything feels dreamy and surreal.

I feel stuck inside of a living nightmare where everything is upside down and nothing makes sense. Do you ever feel this way? Like something is askew and it messes up your entire day? Reason does not exist in nightmares and without reason, everything falls to shit. I keep telling myself this nightmarish realm is only temporary but it sucks me in and refuses to let me wake up.

How does one wake up from a living nightmare?

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