I was in a house with a friend (can’t remember who) and we were upstairs in the rec room which was covered in blankets, comforters, pillows, and was super cozy and the windows were open and the white curtains were lightly blowing in the breeze. Then it turned into Chucky the movie and everything was terrifying. I was trying to get out of the house to drive my car to the pool to get my purse? But when I tried to leave my friend (who was out of her mind) was like “no i’ll come and drive” so I let her drive my car but she was trying to kill us and I tried to grab the wheel and steer but I steered us into a lake and we never made it to the pool to get my purse. Then we were back at the house and there was a group of people standing outside (all my age, males and females) and something was going to kill us and I tried to turn away but it happened right in front of me- this boy was chopped up in a wood chipper (exactly like Fargo- no I have not seen Fargo in a while). The dream jumped from me driving my car, to other people driving my car, to almost dying in my car, to different montages of scary scenes where I had to watch people die or almost die.

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