I was going to trivia with Courtney Chelsea and Candice. They all came to my apartment beforehand and and we drank then I told them to meet me downstairs so I could get dressed and then I took so long and had a few puff and put on my clothes and then I walked out the door and realize I had shorts on so I went back in and changed and told him I’d meet them there and then my grandpa and mom pick me up and we’re going to drive me there and meet them and I called them and they said they would be at Hells kitchen next-door so Grandpa drove to the wrong location and we went to meet them there and then I was at the bar with dad and they weren’t there and I forgot that they were at Hells kitchen so dad and I got drinks but then I kept walking on the bar looking for them because he was getting annoyed so then I ran into people I knew and one of them was Alex from siesta key and we started talking and decided to take wedding pictures that they were offering because then the bar was on the beach then I ran into Kendal and Peyton and a bunch people who are all laying on a beach chairs and we started smoking and dad left because he was annoyed I didn’t see where he went and he didn’t tell me he was leaving and then at the very end I was about to leave the bar and Courtney called and said she was there so I found them for trivia and told them about “marrying” Alex.

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