Last night I dreamt that I was walking through my old middle school and all of these kids were coming In from FAT (fresh air time) and waiting in line to show their school IDs but they were all acting like wild animals and it was dark and sketchy out. I was walking around everyone to the front because (obviously) I’m not in middle school and the old vice principal and security guard were there and hugged me and the VP said I looked good and grown up (not in a creepy way) and then they let me through the locked gates out into the night where everything all of a sudden turned spooky and unsettling and dark like a scary movie. Then I stumbled across a group of people (outside of a restaurant I think) and some person (I couldn’t tell if it was a man woman or myself) was mutilating bodies and they chained up these three girls and one guy and I was likely going to be next (although it never got around to me) and they threw all this nasty sludge on the victims and then this person was going to unleash vicious dogs on us and the person had other people tied up in a big circle waiting to get murdered but then it flashed forward to morning and the cops came and the people chained up covered in shit weren’t fully dead and just hanging there floundering there then my mom showed up and I tried to tell her it was time to drive back to Dallas (I think we were in Colorado) but she wouldn’t come with me.

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