last night in my dream I was driving on the highway (I was in Dallas but the city looked different, like the skyline was different) and there was some kind of disaster I think it was similar to a tornado (my dream was post disaster) and when I was driving, the roads were all destroyed and like falling apart/about to collapse but it was really crucial that I made it to wherever I was going so the first time I drive and dont realize what happened so I was going really fast and almost crashed/drove off the highway b/c I didn’t see that it was destroyed there were HUGE cracks in the overpass and I looked up at the skyline and all the buildings were destroyed and had fallen over and broken in half… I never got to where I was going but then the dream started again and same thing happened only this time I new the roads were destroyed and I was terrified that I would crash, drove really fast to try and out drive the collapsing overpass, never made it to where I was going, third time the dream started over someone else was in the car with me, it was a girl I knew but I can’t remember who exactly, and when I asked her about the roads she said she knew about them and that’s why she takes a different exit, then I went into another dream

Then, Mallory had a huge house and a huge party, Puff was with me but something else occupied his attention, and I couldn’t decide what to wear I was looking at all of her clothes. It was Jinny’s birthday and ej Johnson was there and all of Mallory’s guy friends had teeny penises

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