Had a dream we were in Atlanta with everyone and Hannah Alexander and I walked to a gas station to get snacks and Hannah got cigs and I had puff and bought a bunch of snacks then Alexander was gone and we met this guy outside who invited us to a swingers party. Hannah and I went to a party with some guy we met at the gas station and my Dream implied that Hannah snuck away to do heroine. dad tracked us down and took Hannah away and I couldn’t find them then I stepped on a prick/wood chip or something and couldn’t get it all out. I ate too much cookie dough and made myself sick. Then in another dream I was driving to a concert with Puff following Indira and I missed the exit and ended up at the white water rafting center and puff and I got out and there were all these dogs and the security guard was checking my bag and looked at my Id then threw it from me and didn’t tell me why

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