I was in a school gym with all of “needless to say I’m an addict” and a bunch of TCU people but it was elementary school and mom was speaking for some reason and then we were all sitting down and mom was next to me and Butler was behind me and I was really annoyed/angry but mom didn’t seem to recognize him. I kept wandering off to the bathroom then I came back and Hannah was there and I spilled cereal in my pants and got it on my underwear then we went back to my apartment and mom and dad were both there and Hannah and mom were fighting so Hannah left to go buy juul pods. I found my keys in my dresser and Mary Michael Webb got me a really expensive purse for my birthday I think it was a birkin but then when I looked again it was an old Kate spade… missy and Julie Simmons were there sitting on the couch and Julie only had her pants pulled up to her thighs

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