I was back in high school because that’s what you do at 24 is go back to high school so I was at Myers park in class sitting next to Paige Parrott and Ridgely and I had a sonic corn dog in my backpack. Then I was driving to sonic with like Ben little and some other boys and went inside but didn’t have shoes or socks so I said that’s gross and left but some kind of magic turned puff into a two headed dog with a head where his but was and I didn’t know how to change him back. And we won some unicorn staff thing but it broke and only the top part ended up in my backpack and I found my sandals in the parking lot. So we get back to class and there’s a quiz which I didn’t finish because I wasn’t paying attention and I did it on the backside of this cross drawing I did which had a poem about cam newton in it but it said “cum” twice so I had to erase that. I didn’t know any questions on the quiz. Then there was a big party for everyone to reconnect and I was with all the girls in high school I tried to be friends with but Claire picked me up with her new 50 year old boyfriend and his friends in a teeny sports car but he drove away before I closed the door so I was hanging out the door until he stopped. Then we get to this house which I think was Caroline King’s house and it was Halloween or something because her little sisters were dressed up but then we went to my house to get party gifts or something which were just sweets but we didn’t have enough or the right amount then Claire Paige and Someone else left me to go to Claire’s boyfriends lake house for the weekend and I was in the back of an Uber with lily Nunally who was mad that I didn’t tell her about the party because she’s new to charlotte and I’m supposed to show her around. And at one point Brynn Tippit got completely naked. And at one point my feet felt like they were frozen/had frost bite and someone was examining them (I also had no control over my body like I was asleep or in a trance) and the person checked and said “they’re warm” and started squeezing my toes to bring back the circulation. I also had Snapchat and was watching all of these crazy stories and deleted it and Alexander came in and said “it’s horrible that you have to delete Snapchat because people your age are abusing it and posting horrible things”

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