Had three apocalypse dreams in a row. First one we were on family vacation in some hotel but also in the streets and Marcello and puff were there but Alex also had a pot bellied pig with a septum piercing. Mom saved us. Second dream happened outside and Lunden Owens was there and using some guy and he ended up drowning her in a river. I had a baby and puff wasn’t there. Another baby ended up dying or I had to kill my baby because it was going to die I don’t remember. Mom and dad got divorced over the phone and Alexander “wasn’t surprised” things were crashing into the hotel and people were dying but mom and I jumped and I was falling for so long. I never stopped. Mom saved us in this one too. Last apocalypse took place in a nice neighborhood and it was more like the purge. We were hiding in this house/clock tower and some guy killed a baby and tried to murder us but mom saved us again and we made it to the morning and puff was there and safe.

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