Dreamt that I was in some exotic island with grace Caleb Aubrey Ruwwe Carson and others and we were all partying and I found a little bag of coke in the back of my phone then it turned into a family vacation and everyone showed up in our hotel room (the family minus Hannah who didn’t show up again) and we had our own hotel room and the adults (my family also consisted of the Nunally’s) had a dope ass villa. I think we were in Thailand or somewhere in Asia. We were all getting ready (me and my friends) when Hannah walked in out of nowhere and I wouldn’t talk to her because I was mad she didn’t show. So then she tried to go to the villa but my parents had locked her out.

We all get ready to go out finally (we had been doing coke in the bathroom) and we went out to explore and went to all of these different bars and then came back to the hotel and I ate a piece of this guys sushi because it looked delicious and then his panther attacked me. Jump forward our family goes on an expedition (to a volcano maybe? It was never specified) and we had all of the dogs with us (including the cousins dogs and sandy who is dead) and we tried to get up this crazy mountain thing in the forest. The trail was really winding

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