Dreamt that I was in an apartment complex watching Lauren’s dog (cooper) and Julia from work threw a big party and brought all of these appetizers and meatballs and lamb chops. Then one of the leasing agents was telling me how to correctly use emojis but they were Pokemon characters so it was basically Pokemon Go and I was watching all of these Pokemon battle each other. Then it started raining and Lauren asked me to look and see if she left her computer outside, she did, so I got it for her then I went to go eat food but it was all gone except for two bite and Billy McFarland was trying to share a piece of sushi with me but I said no. Then there was Mac n cheese so I went for that but Alex Thompson from high school was standing behind me and I accidentally got cheese on his pants, I tried to lighten the mood by making a dick joke saying something like “well at least your dick is still big” (I have no idea, I’ve never seen his dick). But he was still mad at me. Then I was working part time in Stanley Korshak helping Lauren find clothes but she didn’t like anything I picked out for her (also all of the clothes were hideous). And she said “there’s other people in the store you should go help them/make more money” and I whispered “Its okay, I have another job”

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