Dreamt that I was going to see Didi and Hallie was also going to see her so we went together but while Hallie was in her session a scary movie played out and people were getting killed outside of Didi’s house and I was freaking out. One guy got his head chopped off with an axe and Didi wasn’t concerned about it so when my session started Didi told me to take a nap and when I woke up Hallie came in and told me my mom was there and she was pulling me out of school because I needed to get better. Mom pulled up in a vw beetle and had a plate of brownies and I followed her in my car back to charlotte. We spent the night at taige shukla’s house which was so weird and I kept eating chocolate and I was really sad that I was leaving Texas. Then I switched into another dream and I was a New Yorker some big city and it was raining and I ran into Hunter and all of Merritt‘s friends and I was all excited to see Hunter and he was really mean and acted like he hated me and that I did something wrong and wouldn’t talk to me then Olivia and I went back to the hotel and Merritt‘s friends were all there and whoever used to date Catherine Huff was proposing to some girl name Haley and fake proposed to me to embarrass me and they were all really mean and laughed at my face

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