Dreamt that a cougar was in my house in Charlotte and Russell was there and Pop was there the cougar ran around the kitchen got out of the back room that I locked the door and locked Russell out to accidentally even though I know he was out there I was afraid for puff then the cougar got inside and was chasing puff and I grabbed pop up on the counter and the cougar was still running around somewhere in the car and at Park Road shopping center they caught the cougar and after it was chasing a police horse took so long to get the cougar. Then I was at ACL Talking about how the cougar had attacked me that day and puff was with me and so was Russell and some other people Sally and Mel are there and we were watching 50 Cent or Snoop Dogg I don’t remember. Also I thought I had a ticket to ACL but I couldn’t pull it up on my phone so I convince the guy to give me a three day pass for the price of a one day pass because I told him about how I was attacked by a cougar. I ate a vegan pop tart because I snuck into the vegan food line pretending I was a vegan and I wasn’t drinking.

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