Dreamt that Grace and I went to Vark and got in but Pablo Escobar bought it and redid it and only select people got in because it was going to be some big coke party and Grace was going to buy some but I wanted to leave (butler was there) and Brunner checked my backpack and some girl gave me a big chocolate truffle then I was researching some band from the 80s and went to go go (boss) gordo? (He was a combination of ru Paul and Alton brown) House which was the Smithsonian in New York and he knew exactly who I was looking for and gave me the files for me to look at then sally met me there and started rummaging through all of the archives and climbing on the shelves and broke some things when boss left then Jennifer Aniston and Amy Schumer where about to have babies and boss just happened to have a delivery room with two beds for them but then I had to go get my car and drive somewhere. I drove back to the house and into it but my car fit it one of the halls/staircases. I had to move a bench so it would fit and I was worried I wouldn’t get it out but I left it anyway then I walked into this huge party boss was throwing and there were endless hor de vours and sally and I stopped at this ice cream bar and watched the guy make a chocolate and vanilla brownie cup in a cone with LOTS of sprinkles, he just kept pouring them on because they wouldn’t really stick to the ice cream and they went from all orange to yellow and green and then at the very end there was a good mix of all the colors and sally got her ice cream but then the ice cream man took his break and I didn’t get any. Then this large cracked out woman who was also waiting for ice cream took sally and I into a room and we started talking and she was doing something that I couldn’t quite figure out and we were talking about boss and how he house her and helped all these women but then she asked where my track marks were and I told her sally and I didn’t do drive like that and my sister was a heroin addict and she offered us vodka instead which sally accepted. Then we went outside of the house and it was morning and boss did a crazy flip from the top floor of the house onto the front lawn and everyone was impressed.

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